Fulfilling Kickstarter Orders with Shipstation

Wonderful! You’ve just completed a successful Kickstarter (or some other crowdfunding or pre-order campaign) and you’ve been successfully funded. You’ve got that wonderful feeling of elation – until you realize you have to fulfill hundreds (maybe thousands) of orders. Suddenly, a dose of reality hits. How in the world are you going to manage that?! Read more about Fulfilling Kickstarter Orders with Shipstation[…]

How to Use Google Sheets to Track Your Crowdfunding Expenses

One of the scariest things about launching a crowdfunding campaign is knowing whether or not you have accounted for all the money you have to spend vs. what you collect. The internet is littered with crowdfunding horror stories, where creators lost all their profits – or worse, had to dig into personal finances – because Read more about How to Use Google Sheets to Track Your Crowdfunding Expenses[…]

10 Reasons why The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is NOT Tolkien’s Story

As a lifelong devoted fan of Tolkien’s writings, I was intensely disappointed after viewing “The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug.” I felt compelled to blog about it, because I feel like it’s important for one simple reason: to help people understand that the large screen adaptation of Tolkien’s work is not Tolkien’s story.

Rock & Tin

Peto is a stone golem – a magical creature brought to life under mysterious circumstances. The MechMagus is a robot wizard who discovers Peto in the wilderness. Befriended by the very robots he was created to destroy, Peto must find a way to overcome his nature and become the person he chooses to be.

How to Make a Bookplate for Your Kickstarter (or any other) Book

Like many artists, when I planned my Marooned Kickstarter campaign, I wanted my books to be signed and numbered. This adds a little something special to the book, having not only a signed version, but one that is numbered out of the original printing. However, if you have ever tried to sign and number a Read more about How to Make a Bookplate for Your Kickstarter (or any other) Book[…]